Welcome to Architographer

Built  in 1913 by Cass Gilbert for Frank W. Woolworth, it was the original “Cathedral of Commerce,” paid for in cash by Woolworth. By phone from Washington D.C., President Woodrow Wilson turned the lights on in what was at the time the tallest building in the world (792 ft.). With terra-cotta tiles hung from a steel frame, It remains the tallest neo-Gothic structure ever built.

Standing in stark contrast to the plethora of Modern and Post Modern structures forming lower Manhattan’s canyons, public access is sadly no longer available.  The best view I have found of this wonderful building is from WTC 7.

2 Responses to “Welcome to Architographer”
  1. ann-kathrin obermeyer says:

    I never saw the WTC live. I am very sad about that. This is a beautiful image and reflects perfectly the feeling NYC creates in me every day.
    Thanks for the lunch Mr Hemmerle.

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