My first meeting with an editor at Time was in September 2001.  The photo editor was Mary Anne Golon.  We met in her twenty-fourth floor office, every wall filled with images from famous photographers, all signed and dedicated to Mary Anne.  She took about an hour to talk to me about the box of contact sheets I had brought in.  They were pictures from the World Trade Center, some of which that would later be published in Time.  Following that interview, I sat downstairs in the lobby, desperately trying to remember the details of all that we had discussed.  It was mid-afternoon, and the large windows let in a tremendous amount of light.  Messengers streamed through the suited publishing crowd filling the space with a kinetic sense of urgency.

When Metropolis asked me to photograph the Time-Life lobby for the Landmarked Interiors story, I was thrilled to revisit the space under different auspices.  Despite the downturn in the magazine publishing business, Time has managed to stay relevant.  The halls are still teaming with activity.  Discussions overheard are punctuated with international events suited for the United Nations.  The crowds streaming through the lobby are well dressed and quick moving.  Wallace Harrison’s mid-century masterpiece still affords one a quiet place to contemplate the maelstrom with style from a comfortable chair in good light.

2 Responses to “Time-Life”
  1. Jeffrey says:

    nicely handled Sean. I hope the obvious effort you put not only into your photography but into your blog posts pays off for you …
    Best of luck.


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