1111, Herzog and de Meuron

Swiss architectural demigods Herzog and de Meuron completed 1111 last year. The parking garage sits at the end of Lincoln Road, the walking mall designed by the legendary Miami architect Morris Lapidus, who was criticized in his day for introducing too many  curvy flourishes.  Now it’s Herzog & de Meuron’s turn to go up against Miami’s conservative critics. Many residents complain that the new structure isn’t in keeping with its surroundings, the price for parking is too expensive, and that the open plan offers very little protection from the elements.

Miami certainly needs more parking. The new structure provides an oddly familiar Miami experience of seeing and being seen.  On the day I drove up to the fifth floor, the spaces were taken mostly by European sports cars. During the day, the massive concrete columns provide a muscular anchor to Lincoln Road. At night, the space comes alive and more transparent, lit from within by a rainbow of up-lights and neon.

For $20 one can park, and stroll the concrete ramps with a fine view of South Beach. As one does at a club, I grudgingly accepted the $20 cover but was granted free parking by a cute attendant in hot-pants due to a stuck gate and nonfunctional credit card reader.

4 Responses to “1111, Herzog and de Meuron”
  1. panj says:

    There are several really great points about both the photograph and the architecture. It’s absolutely on point that the building is open, providing scant shelter but a good look at the interior. It does reflect on the pastime of “being seen” that is so much a part of Miami, which is evident in the bikinis and hot pants, the cars, and this building. Plus, the curves are really flattering on the building, on the cars, and elsewhere……

    Great photo too, because of the light.

    (ps – off to Japan tomorrow night…..)

  2. Katherine says:

    aahhh…wanted to do a post on 1111….now it’s possible with fabulous photos. i love your commentary, too…informative and witty.

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