Williamsburg 2000

As group shows go, I am typically disinclined to participate, but this one looks to be pretty good.  Curated by legendary Williamsburger Larry Walczak, the exhibit includes work by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, William Powhida, Komar and Melamid, Ward Shelley, Tom Broadbent, J. Fiber (Jane Fine with James Esber), Sante Scardillo, Patricia Smith, Fred Tomaselli, David Kramer, and many, many others.

2 Responses to “Williamsburg 2000”
  1. belinda says:

    It’s a terrific show — an excellent survey of Williamsburg artists, who are no doubt happy to be in your company.

    • Ms. Lanks, your kind words are music to my ears. It is I who am proud to be in the company of so many fine artists from my neighborhood, evidence that there is more to see in Williamsburg than the latest hipster fashion.

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