Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman is a national treasure.  Her dictum, “Speak truth to power,” is practiced each day from the Democracy Now! studios in Manhattan.  She asks tough questions, and does her homework tirelessly.  Walking around the DN! offices, one notices immediately how studious the atmosphere is.  A large bookshelf separates the kitchen from the intern bullpen, and the mood is similar to that of a dynamic library, with conversations kept to a civil tone.

Being a fan of their heroic work, I was thrilled to read Karen Ranucci’s email granting access to the new location. Bogdanow Partners are the architects of record, but Ranucci was the driving force behind Democracy Now! being the first broadcast facility to be awarded LEED platinum certification.

She showed me the micro-climate system designed by the Rocky Mountain Institute, the exterior windows that had been repurposed as office dividers, the raw concrete floor recovered in zero-VOC epoxy, furniture provided from various donors, introduced me to Amy, and then set a schedule for me to wander about the place unimpeded.

The resulting images were published last year in the Columbia Journalism Review and Metropolis magazine (text by Belinda Lanks), so this isn’t breaking news, but is still a story worth repeating.  It gives me profound satisfaction to report that Democracy Now! operates by the same example that they demand of those they investigate.

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  1. just found your blog…I like it..A LOT! Happy Easter!

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