Enter The Dragon

I don’t really follow any form of astrology except at cocktail parties. On this end, the year of the rabbit was appropriately fruitful. Wishing you all a fortuitous end to the Mayan calendar, which is foretold to be a reset, and not a hard stop.

Independent Structures

The Industrial Center of the United States once stretched from Chicago to New York City. Built by the likes of Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Schwab, Gould and Ford in ruthless and grand fashion, their efforts catapulted a country left in ruin from civil war into a global super power. Affluence blossomed in cities like Gary, … Continue reading

Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman is a national treasure.  Her dictum, “Speak truth to power,” is practiced each day from the Democracy Now! studios in Manhattan.  She asks tough questions, and does her homework tirelessly.  Walking around the DN! offices, one notices immediately how studious the atmosphere is.  A large bookshelf separates the kitchen from the intern bullpen, … Continue reading

Loving the Standard/High Line

The Standard Hotel squats muscularly above and over the High Line, a former abandoned stretch of elevated train tracks cutting vertically through Chelsea.  With the development of this much anticipated New York City Park came many prestigious commissions on neighboring properties.  Ennead created an instant landmark in the meatpacking district, a destination to see and … Continue reading

Williamsburg 2000

As group shows go, I am typically disinclined to participate, but this one looks to be pretty good.  Curated by legendary Williamsburger Larry Walczak, the exhibit includes work by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, William Powhida, Komar and Melamid, Ward Shelley, Tom Broadbent, J. Fiber (Jane Fine with James Esber), Sante Scardillo, Patricia Smith, Fred Tomaselli, David Kramer, … Continue reading

Greenpoint Wastewater Treatment Plant

The largest wastewater treatment facility in New York City is also one of the City’s most striking properties.  Massive digester eggs sparkle in the industrial landscape of northern Brooklyn.  On assignment for TIME, we got the better part of a day to wander about the grounds with Jim Pynn, the plant superintendent. Jim showed us … Continue reading


My first meeting with an editor at Time was in September 2001.  The photo editor was Mary Anne Golon.  We met in her twenty-fourth floor office, every wall filled with images from famous photographers, all signed and dedicated to Mary Anne.  She took about an hour to talk to me about the box of contact … Continue reading

Landmarked Interiors

The good folks at Metropolis gave me a demanding assignment:  photograph at least five landmarked interiors in New York in a short time.  We decided on seven locations to scout initially.  It took a few days to get snapshots of what was immediately accessible.  Of the initial seven locations, only four made the final edit. … Continue reading

Welcome to Architographer

Built  in 1913 by Cass Gilbert for Frank W. Woolworth, it was the original “Cathedral of Commerce,” paid for in cash by Woolworth. By phone from Washington D.C., President Woodrow Wilson turned the lights on in what was at the time the tallest building in the world (792 ft.). With terra-cotta tiles hung from a … Continue reading